(Activities 1 – 3)

Who are the explorers of the past and of today? We all have the potential of becoming explorers when we want to seek and understand the unknown. Explorers want to learn everything that is out there. They are never satisfied with the knowledge they possess.  This stage provides opportunities for those who have a strong drive for learning and knowledge.

Begin the 9-Step Process of Exploration that is included here. Explorations provide the framework for developing basic information about topics of your choice.

Brainstorm at least five topics you want to explore.  List them according to your preference in learning about them.




Select the top three topics from your list and find out basic information about each topic. Use three different sources for each topic and make a grid or a chart about what you learned about each topic.



Analyze what you did for Step 2. Are the topics related? How did you find the references? Did you use books, people, articles, internet, or other sources?  Which of the sources are you most comfortable with?


Develop at least five questions about each of your three topics. Find basic answers for each of questions for each topic.  Include who, what, where, when, why and begin developing a knowledge base.



Now that you have developed a basic knowledge base for each of your three topics, decide if these are your major topics or do you want to delete or add a topic.


If you delete a topic, be sure to add another topic for exploration. Complete Step 2 for your new topic.



Add additional information by using additional sources or references for each of your topics. Go beyond the basic information of Step 4 and begin to look for additional information, new possibilities for learning and a way to begin synthesizing your information about each topic.


Develop a mini-project for each of your Explorations.  This could be a web, a collage of information, a basic power point, a summary paper or a product of your choice. The product reflects what you have learned. Share these products with your Support Team.



Evaluate your participation in your first three explorations. Did you learn new information? Did you learn about the “process” of learning? Did you find appropriate sources and references? Was it fun?  Was it meaningful?

Are you ready to begin an Investigation or do you want to develop and complete additional Explorations?




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