Autonomous Learner Model
for the Gifted and Talented

Introduction Module
Autonomous Learner Model

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Dear Learners!
Hi, welcome to the Autonomous Learner Model (ALM). I am glad you are working on the Spotlight for Technology Website and want to become life-long learners. This approach is developed for you, the students who want to become more independent and more responsible for their own learning. This is your opportunity to learn how to learn independently, to decide what your want to learn and produce and to be involved with your project until completion. The ALM was developed years ago at Arvada West High School in Arvada Colorado. The goal was to give students the opportunity to become independent, self-directed learners. What is exciting is that this model of education was not developed by teachers but by the students. These students came from two different groups; those who were not achieving and those who were achieving in high school. Two different groups but both with the same need – to make school meaningful and to be more involved in the development of what they were going to learn. The teachers were there not to direct them but to assist students in the process of becoming life-long learners.
Learners accept responsibility for their own learning and develop the skills, concepts and attitudes necessary for independent investigations. Instead of seeing students as students, we began to see them as learners and they began to see that we were not dispensers of knowledge but facilitators of the learning process.